Get to know me. The face behind your cakes!

Hello! And welcome to this new venture. I am talking of blogging! I am not going to lie, I am very dyslexic, so bear with me with possibly some typos and grammatical errors... you will know if didn't get my Mumma or Sister in law to prof read it for me! ops! I can hear them now.

This actually leads on so well to how I got into baking and then setting up 'Simply Divine by Claire'. My Mum, Catherine, who also has a huge input into the business, always baked with me and my older brother. She really hated the idea of kids putting paint, play dough and all the other arts and crafts over the kitchen table. However she loved getting us into the kitchen putting flour, butter and sugar everywhere! This has now put us both in great positions as we both love food and are good cooks! Not only was baking a great activity to keep us occupied, but when it became apparent very early on that I had some learning difficulties, my Mum found baking was one of the best ways to get me to learn about numbers, ratios and all that other maths crap!

From this, I became very confident in baking and by the time I was 7/8yrs old I could bake a cake on my was always exciting to see if I got it right. The phrase " Did you Dylex something?" was a common expression if it came out not as fluffy as expected...aka! it was more like a chocolate biscuit. You will all be pleased to know this doesn't happen anymore!

It may shock you, but like so many other men and woman with cake business this was never my first choice. At an early age, I was very lucky to be around horses and then eventually have my own, this was and still is a huge passion of mine, so it seemed the obvious choice to go into the industry. At 16 I went to Oaklands College in St. Albans to study Equestrian Studies and Horse Management. Half way through my 3 year course, I found out I had an issue with one of my disc in my lower back, after a procedure on it and lots of rehab, it was apparent this wasn't going to be an easy career for me to take as there was going to be a lot of strain on my body.

After finishing my course, I then started working in hospitality as a waitress and barmaid, but I soon worked my way into back of house and working in the kitchen straight into a pastry chef role! Soon after this I also started to supply a Deli with cakes and cheese cakes. Through this "Simply Divine by Claire" was born. It became a side hustle for many many years! But I always knew I wanted it to become the main hustle. In 2018 I took a job in a dessert only restaurant in St. Albans as one of the bakers there, it was here I really learnt what I could achieve and as a result I fell in love with the job. In the summer of 2020, I ended up going full time with Simply Divine by Claire. This was a huge step and I can say I am loving it....even though it can be very overwhelming at times running a business,

Well that's enough about how "Simply Divine by Claire" came about! Let me tell you more about me! As I have already said I love horses and I still have one now, she is called Dizzy and is a beautiful bay (dark brown ) thoroughbred, if you follow me on Instagram Simply Divine By Claire (@simplydivinebyclaire) • Instagram photos and videos she does make an appearance every now and then. I also own a gorgeous little Jack Russel, Tilly. Besides obviously being an animals lover, I am also passionate about staying fit and healthy! Yes I know, I run a cake business, but I believe life is about balance! I am part of a lovely group of women who encourage each other, I can say through lock down this Tribe TRIBE and Cleanse | Esther Marie Tribe of woman and my animals really kept me sane!

When I am not busy baking, working out, riding or walking! I also love to see my family and friends. My parents are still blessed to have me living at home (We all know mortgage broker hate us self employed). I also love traveling! And I like so many can't wait for the world to get back to "normal" and we can travel so much easier again!

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed getting to know me a little more! I am hoping to get a new blog out every month to chat about all the things I've learnt about running a cake business,with some baking tips and recipes thrown in! I really hope you join me of on this crazy little venture I am embarking on and show some love!

God bless

Claire xxxxx

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