As I offer a bespoke service my prices can change depending on level of design and extras. So these prices are my starting from.

Single Tier Cakes

4" £45

6" £65

8" £90

9" £100

10" £110

Tiered  Cakes 

2 tiered cake £275

3 tiered £400

4 tiered £500

£3.50 each 


£2 each 

Half slab £15 
Whole slab £30 

These are available to order through my online shop 
Chocolate Brownie | simply-divine (

Sharing boxes

£17.50 upwards 

I have some on my online shop, but if you'd like something different please drop me a message and we can get something tailor made for you. 
Sharing box | simply-divine (

Stuffed Cookies 

 these come im batch of 4 for £12 

These are available to order through my shop 

Stuffed cookies | simply-divine (

Afternoon tea

I believe as afternoon tea should be 100% fresh on the day, so I have made the decision not to make these available for postage. I am able to delivered these or they can be collected from me on the day. 

Minimum or is for 2 poep0le. 

Burnt Orange- Full shoot.jpg